21 Day Prosperity Program

PeaceHave you tried doing everything the marketing gurus have told you to do and have not had the success you expected? Maybe it’s time for you to work from the inside out. Do you know of someone about to lose her skirt by following one of the big time marketing gurus?

I LOVE listening to the latest and greatest marketing strategies and watching the masters work their magic! I especially LOVE when those in my court jump in, try them out and are wildly successful! But, it breaks my heart when those in my court jump in and lose almost everything, including their self-confidence and self-esteem.

Because so many have fallen trying to duplicate what others are doing, I felt the need to ask for guidance, guidance that I might share with you. I woke up one morning with this 21 Day Prosperity Program that consist 7 Powerful Wealth Building Affirmations. You focus on one affirmation a day, and after 7 days, you do another round so that you are cycling through each affirmation 3 time over the 21 day period.

So, if you’re not feeling financial free, I encourage you to begin shifting your consciousness, and to begin with the word “Millionaire.” Associate with that word, get it into your consciousness, begin to know what it feels like to be called a Millionaire. Being a millionaire is not a big deal these days. Today, you’d have to be a billionaire to really be considered rich, so this is just a small step in the scheme of things.

Instructions: Grab your journal, find a quiet place. Day one, affirmation one: read the affirmation out loud 7 times. Close your eyes and be with it 5-10 minutes, feel it. Allow whatever thoughts that surface to come through, not resisting anything. Open your eyes and journal your thoughts, the good and the not so good. This brings awareness to what’s going on in your subconscious around money, so it can be revealed, healed and released!  The next day follow the same steps with the next affirmation. Repeat this everyday for 21 days.  If you miss a day, begin again.

21 Day Prosperity Program- Here we go!

  1. Today and every day, I walk in the wake of millionaires who have gone before me creating a clear path for me to follow.
  2. The core of my being is being transformed this very day and every day to recognize, reveal and demonstrate the millionaire mind that is awakened in me now.
  3. Today and every day, I think like a millionaire, I feel like a millionaire, I live like a millionaire and I give like a millionaire.
  4. I relax into the knowingness that I don’t need to know how, when or where, just that my “what” is clear, doors are opening and the path is made smooth.
  5. My millionaire mind is creative, powerful and magnetic, drawing to me everything it needs to fulfill my every desire and then some.
  6. I live in the joy of knowing I can take care of my family and loved ones beyond our wildest dreams, that health, wealth and vitality is our divine birthright and we each receive with grace and ease.
  7. Freedom forces me to live in my truth as I can no longer hide behind lack. I relish in the ability to do and have what I want, how I want it and when I want it. Life is good.

Again, if you miss a day, start over and continue until you can do this for 21 consecutive days. It only takes 10-15 minutes out of your day to change your consciousness. It’s not hard work, it’s only a choice!

Once you complete the 21 day cycle, take a break. In order for change to happen gracefully, there also has to be the element of letting go. We let go and give our consciousness time to not only adapt to the new ideas, but to actually create the space to bring about that which we are focusing upon.

Trust yourself, you’ll know when to pick this up and do it again. A good clue would be if you find yourself beginning to worry about money again. Exchange worry for action. Start affirming the positive again.

One of the most powerful tools for prosperity that has been taught throughout the ages is tithing ten percent of what you receive to where you received your spiritual food. When you work this 21 Day Prosperity Program, please remember from where you received your spiritual food and share your rewards with me so that I may share with others. It’s easy to share with me via www.Paypal.com sent to info@wandamarie.com.

With Infinite Love,

Wanda Marie


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May your Fall season be the best one ever, and may the energy of amazing health, unconditional love, profound peace and infinite prosperity fill your world and the world of those you love. 

Coach Wanda Marie
Wanda Marie & Associates

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