Embrace Your Power

This is our Signature Program. This 3-Week Women’s Empowerment Course offers women facing change, or desiring change, the tools and techniques for addressing personal needs and boundaries, and practicing self-care while becoming more empowered to fully embrace success.

Have you been  neglecting yourself, caring too much about what others may think, do or feel if  you stepped into your power, your full potential?  Have you denied your own dreams far too long,  afraid to move forward, wedded to procrastination? Are you afraid of your  innate power? Have you wondered what life would be like if you were  unstoppable? What would happen if you knew you could not fail? Are you willing  to find out?  Are you willing and ready  to become so empowered that you totally forget about, and leave behind the  small you that was afraid to be seen? Then this women’s empowerment program is for you!

Once you register, you will receive your Embracing Your Power Manual and instructions for attending your classes. In this course, you will learn:

  • How to Get Your Needs Met
  • How to Start Honoring Your Values & Setting Boundaries
  • How to Begin Practicing Extreme Self-Care

Through this program you can begin to take back your power and reclaim your life as a beautiful, intelligent and brilliant woman, worthy of living boldly, where only a  few women dare to go! You deserve to wear your crown!

Private Tutoring Monday through Thursday
3-Week Series $595 (held via teleconference)
Tuition may be shared with up to 3 students ($200 ea)
Tuition for Home-Study with Email Support is $65

Loved “Embracing Your Power” class so much. Thank you!…got tears in my eyes you were so right on for me…learned the place that following my head has in getting to an organized, ordered place of Clarity, from which Creative Power effortlessly works its magic. Cindy Kendall

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