Write Your Book

Through this 3-Week Writer’s Boot Camp you will learn how to develop your content and complete your first draft in just 12 weeks! Isn’t it time you got your book out of your head and onto paper!

During the Boot Camp, you are committing to writing either 2 hours per day during the week, or 10 hours over the weekend, in order to meet your 12-week deadline. This Boot Camp will help you stay focused and accountable for getting your book written.

This course is presented via live Coaching/Teaching calls held weekly via teleclass providing instruction and support.  Once you register, you will receive your Writers Manual and instructions for getting started right away. In this course, you will learn:

  • How to write your book in 90 days.
  • How to package & self-publish your book
  • Ways to market and promote your book

This is not a course for writing a novel. However, it is a course designed to help you write the book that has been patiently waiting inside of you for its time to be born. Some women will take this course to write a book to promote their services. Others will take this course to write the book that heals their soul and transforms their life. Whatever your desire, be committed to the process and plan to write 2 hours a day to meet your deadline.

Private Tutoring Monday through Thursday
3-Week Series $595 (held via teleconference)
Tuition may be shared with up to 3 students ($200 ea)
Tuition for Home-Study with Email Support is $65

Last night we ended a wonderful journey of writing a book to sell our services.  Your teaching, support and guidance has helped me accomplish something that I thought I wasn’t able to do – but now I know I can! And am!! The materials are great. It has given me the blueprint for writing my book! Rebecca Le Vine
Thank you sooo much for the great Writer’s Boot camp workshop. I am loving this. It is so valuable and has already far exceeded the value I had hoped to receive. The questions you proposed for writing my outline, including chapters and content are so succinct. They helped me to target in on simplifying the what, why and how to write the book. Huge thanks of gratitude to you. I’m loving this process. xoxo Leeann Carey

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